Susan C. Anthony

The Writing Process

Unlike the other basic "R's", writing is creative and expressive. What are reasonable expectations for children's writing at various ages? How can you create an environment that encourages children to express themselves in writing? How can you maintain positive feedback which fosters improvement? Your confidence as a teacher of writing will increase as you learn more about the process of writing from idea, to first draft, to revision, editing and final draft.

I attended your writing seminar and you gave wonderful information. We have started journals now and the kids are enjoying them. I was so inspired I'm going to collect the writing from children in our support group next year and publish a newspaper for them. Thank you so much for the insights and inspiration you have already added to our homeschool.
—Linda B., homeschool mom

Before watching the workshop, you might want to print a copy of the handout.  The video is one hour and three minutes long, and its intended audience is people teaching writing to elementary and middle-school aged children.

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