Susan C. Anthony

Whatsoever Things Are True

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Whatsoever Things Are True was written to be a Christmas gift for friends and family. I had shied away from the subject of God and the Bible because I didn't want to offend. But I wasn't comfortable with silence, either. If the Bible is true, as I have come to believe it is, I have an obligation to encourage people I love to consider its claims.

I well remember my negativity and hostility toward Christians I perceived as trying to "force their religion down my throat." This book is my best effort to approach the subject of Jesus honestly in a way that might have worked with me years ago.

The nice thing about a book is people can choose what to do with it. They can read it immediately, read it a little at a time, put it on a shelf to look at later, give it away, even throw it away. No matter what they choose, I've done my part. A heavy burden of responsibility lifted from my shoulders when I mailed out this book with my Christmas letters. Although similar books are in print, I thought my circle of friends would be more likely to read my personal story.

A PDF version is available for free download. Bound copies are free as well. Just pay shipping. I can fit up to seven copies in a Priority flat-rate envelope and send for under $8.50. Larger quantities can travel slower by less expensive media mail. Contact me if you would like paperbacks.

Responses to the Book

I received some interesting responses and carried on lively e-mail discussions with a few friends. I told people they're not obligated to reply or even thank me. Our friendship does not depend on agreement. When people don't respond, I don't force the subject. I've said my piece and they know how to contact me. I pray for them daily and write or talk when opportunities present themselves.

Here are comments I received from non-Christian friends:

Thank you for worrying about where I will end up and I wish I could believe for I am very very terrified about dying. Thanks for caring.

Even if God Himself stood before me in modern clothes and told me the truth with absolute proof, I doubt that it would affect how I live my life.

I've been reading your book - perhaps it will push me away from the doubts and skepticism that have ruled my mind for quite a few years now.

Brief Synopsis

The two fundamental questions addressed are: Does God exist? If so, is the Bible God's authorized message to us? The following three conclusions can be reached without reference to a Bible or holy book of any kind (although not everyone agrees with these conclusions):

  1. God exists.
  2. We are not God.
  3. Things are not "right."

The next three things cannot be ascertained apart from special revelation (the Bible or other communication from God):

  1. The reason things are not "right" is human rebellion, otherwise known as "sin."
  2. A solution is available.
  3. We are free to accept or reject the available solution.

Why Read or Share the Book?

If you are a seeker, what do you have to lose by reading this book? It's free! You don't have to agree! Most people make uninformed decisions about God and the Bible. Make an informed decision. Don't rely on assumptions or base your conclusion on the bad behavior of Christians you've encountered.

God honors freedom and gives us choices. I strongly believe Christians should do likewise. No one can be forced to love or to care. Jesus did not pursue people who rejected Him; He grieved for them. Christians are supposed to invite, encourage and always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks the reason for the hope that they have, treating others with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

If you are a Christian, remember that the Bible encourages us to store up treasures in heaven. Those treasures are people, friends and family members we influenced, maybe people on the far side of the world who came to know Jesus thanks to our support for a missionary.

One friend read Whatsoever Things Are True the day she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Just for her, it was worth all the trouble of writing the book. Before her final breath, she woke up and smiled. She awaits me now in heaven, a treasure worth more than all the gold on earth.

It took me a decade of investigation to conclude the Bible is true. Who knows how long it might take someone else? Pushing just pushed me away. I don't push. I can plant seeds. God alone can germinate and grow those seeds into life that is truly life. (1 Timothy 6:19)

96 pages, perfect-bound
4.25 x 8.5
ISBN 1-879478-28-5
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