Susan C. Anthony

Homophones Resource Book

As many as a third of "spelling" errors in English involve homophones, words that sound the same but are spelled differently. This book helps teachers tailor instruction to their own students' needs with an all-purpose lesson for introducing commonly confused homophones, worksheets for 130 sets of commonly confused words with answers, definitions, parts of speech, word histories and mnemonics. All homophones taught in Spelling Plus and Spell Well are included.

You may wish to watch the Spelling for Success workshop to see how I incorporated homophones into my spelling program.

By popular demand, I'm including is a list of my recommendations as to which homophones should be taught at which grade levels. I'm not the final authority. These are just recommendations.

170 pages, paperback
8.5 x 11, reproducible
ISBN 1-879478-14-5
Item 145, $15.95

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