Susan C. Anthony

Cabo Pulmo

I helped my cousin Richard L. Mayfield get this book into print after I read a prepublication draft.  I loved it!  The cold wilderness has been the setting for my adventures. In reading Cabo Pulmo: Chronicles from Mexico's Baja California UNESCO Coral Reef Reserve, I vicariously experienced the warm watery wilderness of southern Baja as it changed between the years 1966 and 2008.

Richard Mayfield lives in Washington State after teaching for thirty years in elementary schools near San Diego, California.  In 1966, Rich visited the six-dwelling village of Cabo Pulmo on Baja California's east cape, located in front of the most northern hard-coral-covered volcanic reefs on the Pacific coast of the western hemisphere.  In his book, he reveals his intimate story of sixteen summers spent among the village's subsistence families.  He includes exhilarating accounts of his humerous spearfishing forays on Pulmo's reefs.  He also relates his explorations around the submarine canyon rising onto the beach at Frailes Bay, five miles south of Cabo Pulmo.  In 2005, the Pulmo area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you haven't booked your next vacation, consider Cabo Pulmo!  Stay in a comfortable guesthouse in the village or in a thatched cottage at the Cabo Pulmo Beach Club, located near the inner-shelf reef.  Explore the outer reefs with the beach club or one of the local dive shops.  Experience what Jacques Cousteau called, "the world's aquarium."  You are sure to enjoy the people, the unique coastline, and the hot springs and trails of the surrounding Sierra Trinidad.  Don't forget your kayak!

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316 pages, paperback
6 x 9, illustrated
ISBN 1-879478-34-X
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