Susan C. Anthony

Spelling for Success

Your children can learn to spell well and enjoy the process, with focused direct instruction and sentence dictation. A 1000 word core list, taught to mastery and supplemented with personal words, will help children improve their first draft writing regardless of their individual talent. The ideas shared in this session will help you make the most of the time you spend teaching spelling and the mechanics of writing.

I was delighted with the amount of knowledge I gained from your seminar, Spelling for Success. Spelling has always been a weak area in my own skill set and actually teaching it is a real stumbling block. Not only was the information you presented interesting, the notes you provided were detailed and understandable. Thank you for investing the time and effort to offer such a worthwhile program.
—Lorraine G., home school mom

Before watching the workshop, you might want to print a copy of the handout.  The video is one hour and twelve minutes long, and its intended audience is people teaching writing to elementary and middle-school aged children.

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