Susan C. Anthony

Subtraction Facts in Five Minutes a Day

Memorizing subtraction facts is not only challenging, but success-oriented and fun with this five-minutes-a-day system. Students work through a series of daily timed tests at their own rate, beginning with 0-1, 2, 3, 0-3, etc., mastering each one before proceeding to the next. Math whiz kids are constantly challenged, while students having difficulty are given the time they need to master and overlearn the facts. In addition to worksheets and answer keys, this booklet has personal flash card masters, forms for folders and record-keeping, and review and challenge masters.

Your math program has been a great success. I have never enjoyed drill and neither have my kids, but with this they see progress and they are excited to try to beat their previous times and scores.
—Beth J., home school mom

To see how I used this book and find other ideas for teaching math, see the Marvelous Math workshop.

88 pages, paperback
8.5 x 11, reproducible
ISBN 1-879478-24-2
Item 064, $11.95

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