Susan C. Anthony

Our C-172 in the airFlying in Alaska

Only a very small part of Alaska is accessible by road. To get to the most interesting places, it's necessary to fly or go by boat.

Being a pilot has been a big part of Dennis' life. One of our first major adventures together was a 10-day trip through the Brooks Range and down the western coast of Alaska. Our favorite airplane is the one he had when we met, a Cessna 172 we flew down through Canada and across the U.S. as part of our world trip in 1987-88 (pictured). We sold that plane to get out of debt, and have owned several airplanes since, most of which were too expensive, too small, not powerful enough, etc. Age eventually caught up with us, and that along with the increasing cost of gasoline led us to sell our last plane in 2011. Perhaps an ultralight or light sport plane will be in our future.

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