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Who Is Susan C. Anthony?

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Susan C. AnthonySusan C. Anthony is a teacher and home school advocate with a mission to serve educators of children in grades K-8 by sharing ideas, resources and support. Susan grew up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and attended the University of Northern Colorado on a National Merit scholarship. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. She taught English as a Second Language in Colorado for a year before moving to Alaska, where she taught intermediate grades for 10 years in the Anchorage School District. Susan was awarded a Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award by the National Council for Geographic Education during her last year of classroom teaching.

Susan’s first book, Facts Plus, was recognized by School Library Journal as a “Recommended Reference Book”—one of the best reference books available for school-aged children.¬†She has since written numerous other books, mostly for use by teachers and home educators.

Beginning in the 1990s, Susan received invitations to present her ideas to teachers and home schoolers in local groups and at conventions around the country. Although she initially wrote books for use in a classroom situation, home educators found her approach and philosophy to be closely aligned with their own.

Susan and her husband Dennis live in Alaska. They love to spend time on their homestead or exploring the wilderness by airplane, boat, four-wheeler or snowmachine. A few years ago they became “snowbirds” and now spend the deep winter months near the Salton Sea in California. They love Jeeping in the desert parks. The area is wild, like Alaska, but with sand instead of snow and warm instead of cold.

About My Name

People are often curious about my name.  To clarify, I am not related to Susan B. Anthony and wasn't named after her.  It’s a great name, though.  People remember it, thanks to Susan B. Anthony and the ill-fated dollar coin.

A teacher in Southeast Alaska relayed an amusing incident from her classroom.  She was teaching her students about suffragist Susan B. Anthony when one child raised his hand and said, “It’s not B! It’s C. I’m sure it is.”

“How do you know?” asked the teacher.  “Facts Plus,” he responded.

“Let’s look it up, then,” said the teacher.  Her students all had copies of Facts Plus in their desks. They pulled out their books and most children turned to the index, but not the boy who’d raised his hand. He pointed to the cover. “See!” he said. “It's Susan C. Anthony, not B.”

“Wow!”  I thought when I read that story. “For one child, I briefly had better name recognition than Susan B. Anthony herself!”

About Instructional Resources Company

After a couple of years of incredible frustration with publishers, I formed my own company and have self-published ever since, with no regrets and plenty of rewards. For more on how it all came about and how to self-publish your own writing, read My Story.

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