Susan C. Anthony

What Your Elementary Child
Needs to Know

The amount of information in the world is reportedly doubling every few years. It is less possible than ever for children to learn all there is to know. Trying to cover too much frustrates both students and teachers, and doesn't allow adequate time for mastery of anything. This session will give you assistance in prioritizing, so that even when time runs short, you can be confident that your kids aren't missing what's most important.

You gave a seminar to our group last fall. I really needed it. Though I was going into my ninth year home schooling, I had some gaps in my understanding that were keeping me from pulling it all together confidently. I thank God for His work in your life and I thank you for offering that seminar. Your God-given spark and personable attitude touched me.
—Kimily D., home school mom

Before watching the workshop, you might want to print a copy of the handout.  The video is one hour and eight minutes long, and its intended audience is Christian parents who are teaching elementary or middle-school aged children.  To download the audio to your iTunes, right-click on the link.

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