Susan C. Anthony

What to Do if You're Wrongly Accused

If you or someone you know has been wrongly accused of violently shaking a baby, Shaken can help you safely navigate what may well be the most traumatic event you will ever encounter. It's a "primer" written by someone who's gone through and come out of the situation you're facing.

This book is available only to people with whom I choose to share it. It is addressed to defendants, their supporters and their attorneys. Please call or e-mail with your story. I can send the PDF edition for free. Bound books are available for $10.00 plus shipping, to covers my costs.

If you were a juror in a SBS/AHT case or if there's a case in the news and you want to learn more, check out Shaken Baby Syndrome Resources on this site. E-mail me your story if you would like to read this book.

And, if I may prevail upon anyone reading this, please regularly pray for justice in the courts. Justice means the condeming the guilty. It also means acquitting the innocent or those who have not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That means guilty based on objective evidence, not on expert opinion.

For those of you in trouble, may I offer a Serenity Prayer for you:

Serenity Prayer

304 pages
4.25 x 8.5
ISBN 1-879478-31-5
Item 315, $10.00