Susan C. Anthony

Dragon sculpture headSuper Sculpture

February 13, 2010

We saw our first super sculptures in 2010, driving back from a visit to Borrego Springs. We had to stop and take photos to show the size of the monsters!

More and more sculptures sprung up in the years to follow. Our favorite is now the sea serpent.

We didn't learn the story behind them for quite awhile. Mexican artist Ricardo Breceda's first project was making a life-size dinosaur for his 6-year-old daughter. Now he has more than 100 sculptures like the one in the picture. Read the book Accidental Artist for Ricardo's inspiring story!

In 2018, we were driving Dennis' Corvette through the mountains when we saw a sculpture garden. We stopped, turned around, and went back to explore the sculptures for sale. Ricardo drove up and said hello! I snapped a photo of him with Dennis. His adult daughter now works with him in the business.

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