Susan C. Anthony

Baja Backroads

March 15 - 21, 2006

The first time I met Don's older brother Bob in Alaska, he told tales of his yearly backroad trips with buddies in Baja. It sounded like great adventure, so when he proposed in 2006 that we ride four-wheelers south from his place south of Puertacitas, we jumped at the opportunity. It is much easier to accompany someone who knows where they are going! We often explore new places on our own, but usually waste a lot of time lost. Don's son joined the group. I was the photographer.

The first day, we drove to San Felipe, had lunch, then continued to Puertacitas on a terrible road! We reached Bob's place and unloaded. The next day we explored the area and packed for a long trip south. We spent the night in Gonzaga Bay and continued to Coco's Corner and Calamuai Canyon before joining Highway 1 for a time, then zooming down pavement to Bahia de los Angeles. We would have continued further south on back roads but the weather was cold and rainy. We spent the day in the area then started back north.

On the way back, we encountered a prospector with a metal detector. That planted a seed in Dennis' mind. He bought a metal detector back in Alaska, not realizing how much work is involved in prospecting! For one thing, a lot of trash is metallic. It's discouraging to dig and dig only to find an old rusty can!

We have heard that some of the roads we traveled are now improved. An era has passed. Thankfully, we were able to explore Baja in the wild and crazy days!

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